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A day backstage with The Stone Blossoms

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Ever wonder what happens backstage at one of our shows? Well, your prayers are being answered....**spoiler alert** backstage usually leaves a bit to be desired, lol.

Backstage is often described as an elusive area that few people get to actually experience. It's something that is filled with mystery and opportunity, stories that come out from the backstage area are often special in it's own right - may it be an amazing connection with the artist, agents or managers, juicy details that are secret to many, or even a little event drama that the common concert goer can't wait to tell his / her friends.

"..this is the area where guests are not allowed, tucked away behind indescript doors and curtains. In reality, these areas are usually quite ugly, disgusting, and very unkempt. This is also where you see many a band member doing what they normally are not allowed to do onstage: eat, drink, smoke, use the restroom, talk on their cell phones, talk about their personal lives, be unfriendly."

The truth is this: Backstage is where pandemonium usually happens. This is where the event organisers are working frantically around the clock to make sure that the show goes on. There are many events / festivals where there are multiple things happening - this ranges from big things like 'Huge crowd surge in stage 2, bar not fully stocked, we did not have enough time - artist came on quicker than expected because the previous act played way beyond their allocated time slot' to small mediocre things like an intern taking the shells out of pistachios because the rider stated "de-shelled nuts" and we didn't know what that means so we are covering all bases.

And the artists? Most of the time they are great. They are always excited to perform in front of their fans. They are nervous to perform in a country they have never been, they are always reworking their music on the go and always keen to learn / know more about perfecting their craft.

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